Make Your Own Metal Coins For Collectors

(Making coins at home no longer
requires expensive coin presses and
expensive coin equipment. Put coins
on jewelry to sell.)

Ancient coin replicas, which are reproductions
of original ancient coins, are collectible.

Selling a range of replicas can be very pro-
fitable and the best of those coins capture
the beauty of the coin’s design. That is why
many replica collectors prefer their replicas
not be stamped with the word “COPY” or
that the stamp be unnoticeable so as not to
spoil the surface of the coin’s design. How-
ever, it is illegal not to stamp the word
“COPY” in large capital letters on either
the front or back of U.S. replicas. But it’s
not against the law to buy or sell ancient
replicas without the word “COPY” after
they have been imported from other coun-
tries. That’s because replicas made in other
countries are not bound legally or morally
to obey U.S. laws concerning replicas.

Over all, stamping ancient replica coins
with “COPY” doesn’t appear to have ever
been enforced and the coins confiscated.

To learn how to make your own metal
coins step-by-step and how to sell the
finished product, go to:

by A. J. Coins

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